Catching Up: Erik Johnson of Weights & Measures


A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to hang with our good friend, Erik Johnson to learn a bit more about his creative fly-tying process and what his summer's gonna look like.

As we chatted, Erik was busy tying a Feather Game Changer, a fly that he would later send home with me. I'm happy to report back that it said HEY! to a couple of friendly bass and looked damn good while doing it.



Before we get started, here's a bit about Weights & Measures:

Weights & Measures is a fly tying venture in the heart of the Upper Midwest that specialized in Musky, Pike, Bass and Trout flies.

Founded in 2020, W&M brings together hand processed and dyed materials. Every material is sourced as locally and carefully as possible.




TNT: What drove you to pickup fly tying?

W&M: I started tying flies as a way to better understand where I was fishing: nymphs and dries for the Driftless, then topwater bugs for trout and finally a deep dive into bucktail for Musky and Pike.


TNT: What's fishing well?

W&M: Schultzy's Swinging D. (that fly also worked well in the chilly water last week, bringing up a nice pike and some smallies)


TNT: You're tying all the time for several species...what's your favorite fly to tie right now?

W&M: Deerhair Dahlberg Diver. The beauty in stacking colors then shaping the final fly leaves so much room for creativity and inspiration.


TNT: What's your go-to fly rod?

W&M: Winston BIIX 9ft 4wt. It's a nearly do everything rod, delicately flips a hopper/dropper, catches pan fish and can handle some smaller streamers.


TNT: We're coming off a bizarre year, what are you looking forward as we quickly move towards perfection known as the upper midwest summer?

W&M: Looking forward to the MN Opener! And getting my boys on a fly rod. Arlo (5) and Frankie (3) might be a bit young but have already felt the excitement of their first fish. We'll be spending many summer days on the lake this year!


TNT: Lastly, what are you drinking at the vise? And what's in your boat cooler?

W&M: At the vise: The latest Modist NE IPA. In the boat cooler: Cold cut sammies, venison jerky, some of that red wine cheese in a plastic container, a hearty cracker and ice cold Hamm's.


If you're into colorful and inspirational fly tying imagery, be sure to give the Weights & Measures IG account a follow. 


Photo Credit: Roo Way

May 14, 2021 — Phillip Clark

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